Friday, March 21, 2008

Bathroom Update

I updated the beige bathroom with a seafoam green color (april frost) and bumped up the trim with swiss coffee (a light white - but not white-white). The bathroom has a lot more character and it's a perfect way to jump into spring and the summer months. The idea was to create a spa/caribbean feel to the room. My client had a shower curtain stored away and we simply replaced the old one with, well, the older one. It's really important to streamline when working in smaller spaces. Otherwise, you'll dwarf the space. So less fabric is best.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Phase 1.5 (bedroom) complete.

It's pretty amazing what color can do for a bedroom! I added some curtains to soften up the window and hung a couple of fabric panels to enclose the bed area so it didn't feel like it was floating between the living room door and the open closet/hall. I also changed the direction of the bed. Before, the end was facing two open doorways (not so good for the Feng Shui energy). Bedroom lighting: before the update, there was one really bright lamp on the dresser... it was important to add some soft lighting on each side of the bed to balance the area. I also anchored the new lamps with tall bedside tables. One more step to go...add some art and wa-la!