Thursday, February 21, 2008

Phase 1.5 (bedroom) complete.

It's pretty amazing what color can do for a bedroom! I added some curtains to soften up the window and hung a couple of fabric panels to enclose the bed area so it didn't feel like it was floating between the living room door and the open closet/hall. I also changed the direction of the bed. Before, the end was facing two open doorways (not so good for the Feng Shui energy). Bedroom lighting: before the update, there was one really bright lamp on the dresser... it was important to add some soft lighting on each side of the bed to balance the area. I also anchored the new lamps with tall bedside tables. One more step to go...add some art and wa-la!


Melissa said...

hey, where did you get these fabric panels, I love them theyre so beautfiul...what kindof of mount did you use? Ceiling? thanks!

Kate said...

The fabric panels are a great idea! I saw your post from Casa Sugar and was also wondering where you got them and what size they are.

pearli said...

i would love to know where you picked up those panels to share?